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Beatriz & Daan, Historical Wedding, Amsterdam

When Bea and Daan approached My Wedding Amsterdam, they only knew two things: that they wanted to get married in Amsterdam and show the city to Bea’s family, who are from Peru. They did not know the variety of options and the do’s and don’t do’s in the wedding world. So, we went through all the packages with them, and they landed on our Historical option as it aligned the most with their wishes.

After a lot of planning and a lot of traveling from the guests, their wedding day arrived. The guests were surprised by all the detailed elements and wowed by the beautiful venue with it’s rich history. It all began in 1411 when there were two monasteries. Years later the monasteries became ‘Prinsenhof’, where the high-level guests could stay. In 1647 the hotel was converted into a town hall, and years later it became a luxurious hotel again, which has homed many celebrity and royal events and weddings, including the wedding of the former Queen, now princess Beatrix, in 1966.

The marriage room has beautiful stained glass windows and wall paintings that were completed in 1926 by artist Chris Lebeau that symbolize the circle of life and love, naturally. This setting served as the perfect background for the wedding couple, as they shared moments of love represented in the art around them, with their closest family and friends stunningly dress in black tie attire.

Published: november 30, 2023