Are you curious about the costs and possibilities for an intimate wedding? Are you picturing yourself getting married at one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Amsterdam? And do you want to work with the best wedding suppliers on your wedding day?

At My Wedding Amsterdam we have put together wedding packages that will serve as a baseline for your big day. The packages for your elopement, tiny, mini or micro wedding have different themes and the selection of our suppliers and venues have been structured around those themes. And, last but not least… at the moment you choose to work with My Wedding Amsterdam, your wedding budget and concept will be crystal clear!

For all couples who want to get married soon  please contact us for the possibilities this wedding season.

Our Luxury Wedding Packages



The weather on your wedding day is often an uncertain factor in the Netherlands, but with a wedding in the winter months you don’t have to worry… We will do everything to make it nice and warm, cozy and romantic inside.
Be inspired by the fantastic setting of this wedding package in two beautiful 19th-century Neo Renaissance buildings on the Amstel!




Looking for an intimate alternative to a big, traditional wedding? Where the two of you and your love for one another matter more than anything and everything else? Eloping is an incredibly romantic and adventurous way to profess your love and it just so happens that Amsterdam is the perfect spot to sneak away to say “I do.”

Please note that a civil wedding is only applicable for couples who live in The Netherlands,  so we will organise a symbolic ceremony for you.


Photo credit: Sassen en Verstraaten Fotografie 



The vibrant city of Amsterdam will play an integral part in your wedding day. Imagine a ceremony at a luxurious boutique hotel, stepping aboard a salon boat and exploring the picturesque canals of Amsterdam and dinner at a stylish dining venue, along the famous canals where magazine covers – like Gigi Hadid’s Vogue cover – have been shot and where socialites regularly host exclusive dinner parties. And what about ending your perfect day in a luxurious suite? What a wonderful way to celebrate your love!




Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in the Golden Age? To walk the same streets as famous painter Rembrandt did? To spend your wedding day in a Historical venue that served as the background of the start of builing the city New York. Yes, Amsterdam is quite the city, an amazing place to get married. At My Wedding Amsterdam we have made sure to incorporate many Historical parts into your wedding day, so you can experience Amsterdam at its finest on your magnificent day of love. Every tiny detail will be in sync with the style of your theme, since your perfect Amsterdam Wedding will be coordinated by one of our professional well-experienced wedding planners.


Photo credit: Milou van Ham 



When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Ever heard of this famous saying? When you’re visiting a foreign place, it’s fun to dive into that specific culture and adhere to the customs of that country. So, when in Amsterdam, why not take full advantage of all this rich city has to offer?
What comes to mind when you think of traditional Dutch culture? Exactly: Delfts Blue pottery. For our Typical Dutch Wedding package we have something truly special in store for you: a unique venue in which your wedding ceremony will occur in the famous Delfts Blauwe Kamer (The Delfts Blue Room). This venue is not only one of a kind, it’s fantastically Dutch!
After the ceremony you will be welcomed aboard a traditional canal boat in which you will explore Amsterdam and all it has to offer. Dinner will be served at one of the local hotspots where you will enjoy the Dutch cuisine at its finest.
Delfts blue, tulips and Amsterdam’s famous canals. What a beautiful setting for your big day.




A romantic fairytale wedding theme has something inherently endearing. Exchanging your vows on an enchanted boat, surrounded by your loved ones, is simply magical. The perfect setting for the perfect ceremony. And what better way to celebrate your marital bliss than with sweets and delicacies? As tradition has it, the bride and groom will cut the wedding cake together and feed each other the first bite. Just think of those heartwarming wedding pictures! In the evening you will enjoy a delicious dinner at an authenic canal house with a stunning view of the Herengracht. Of course, our photographer or videographer will ensure that every moment wil be captured so you can enjoy your big day for a long time to come.


Photo credit: Susan Susan



Amsterdam is exciting, lively, trendy and historic. The sky is the limit in the capital of the low lands for those who want that fashionable, contemporary wedding. There is no better place to celebrate your love for one another than among the famous canals in the heart of this vibrant city. Imagine the ceremony on a modern, robust salon boat, do you see yourselves exchanging your vows while cruising along some of the most beautiful sites that the Netherlands has to offer? Or what about saying your “I do’s” on one of Amsterdam’s historical bridges?
Amsterdam is not only known for its breathtaking, historical architecture, but also for its modern and industrial venues. Wouldn’t they serve as the perfect space to host a one of a kind wedding dinner?
During your wedding day, you will be welcomed at one of Amsterdam’s most popular hotspots. What a perfect way to soak up all that this city has to offer and enjoy the biggest day of your lives.




In the winter Amsterdam transforms into a truly wondrous place, a magical city where children run around and play in the snow or go skating on the frozen canals. Where people get together and enjoy hot cocoa or a glass of wine and treat themselves to the typical Dutch delicacy, the “oliebol” on one of the pop-up ice rinks that grace the picturesque squares of this city.
A mesmerizing, hidden gem will serve as the location where you will exchange your vows and say your “I do’s”. Afterwards, you will enjoy a relaxing ride on a beautiful salon boat and delight in the snowy landscape that is Holland’s capital. Your wedding dinner will be luxurious and intimate as you enjoy a carefully selected menu around the crackling fire.
Your wedding day will feel like a winter wonderland tale, that you will remember forever.