My Wedding Amsterdam

Amy & Deirdre, Spring Elopement, Amsterdam

Both Amy and Deirdre are from Ireland and have been living in the Netherlands for over a decade. During there loving years together, Deirdre had asked Amy ten times to marry her; and one day Amy’s answered changed to yes (of course, they always knew this day would come). A couple of months later, they made it official and shared their vows on a beautiful little boat on the Amsterdam canals.

It was so much fun seeing these two getting ready, and their loved shined through all their actions. They helped one another put on their jewelry, swapped shoes, shared reminders to eat; they are truly a couple who look out for one another.

“If you’re searching for an amazing wedding experience with service that goes above and beyond, look no further than My Wedding Amsterdam. Our elopement was just perfect, and we owe it all to the remarkable wedding planner, Liz.

Liz’s ability to strike the perfect balance between professionalism and a personal touch is a rare gift. She made us feel like more than clients. Her genuine care for our happiness and the success of our day was evident in every interaction.

We cannot recommend Liz and My Wedding Amsterdam highly enough. Their dedication to creating an unforgettable day is unparalleled.

To anyone considering My Wedding Amsterdam for their special day, trust us when we say that you will not find a more genuine and professional team.”

Published: november 2, 2023