My Wedding Amsterdam

Erin & Jared, Romantic Wedding, Amsterdam

Erin and Jared, a couple from the United States, were intended to have their romantic wedding in the summer of 2020, and then the pandemic hit…

Unfortunately, it was not an option to postpone. So eventually they got married in their hometown, which was still a magical and meaningful day.We have helped this lovely couple with settling all contracts and assisting with the insurance claim. Hopefully we will meet them again to celebrate their wedding anniversary in Amsterdam!

Unfortunately, my husband and I were unable to have our Amsterdam wedding June 2nd due to COVID-19. However, My Wedding Amsterdam provided us with excellent service throughout the entire process. One of the main reasons we decided to elope was to avoid the stress and planning of a wedding. My Wedding Amsterdam made this a very easy, stress free experience and I have no doubt in my mind that the wedding would have been perfect. I am most grateful for their hard work with the vendors and insurance company once we were forced to cancel the wedding. They were the most gracious, patient, understanding, and persistent planners we could have asked for. Even though we were unable to have our wedding, I would still 100% recommend My Wedding Amsterdam and their services to anyone! Thank you again!

Published: januari 26, 2021